New video for King’s Hawford

Before Christmas I spent a couple of days at King’s Hawford in Worcester. The headmaster was keen to produce a short video which showcased the school’s outdoor ethos. The school has a fantastic site and the children are actively encouraged to roam free, climb trees, get muddy and generally enjoy the outdoors! The school is one of 35 schools in the country to have a Gold Award for Learning Outside the Classroom.

Speaking to the Worcester News, Mr Turner said:

“We believe that children need to develop resilience and determination. Climbing trees is about assessing risk and knowing your limits. Children are, quite often, wrapped in cotton wool and it is therefore important that they learn to overcome challenges.”

Worcester News, 27th November 2018

I worked with Julia Letts, who produces KH radio with the children, and together we interviewed children and filmed outdoor lessons and clubs. I spent an evening filming an overnight camp, where I enjoyed going out on the river in a canoe. Julia went along on a trip to an outdoor activity centre and captured some great Go-Pro footage.

The school are now keen to produce a short video showcasing their creative arts programme which I will work on later this year.

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