My Wedding Video

I got married back in August on the only day of the hottest, driest summer it rained! And it really, really rained, but it didn’t dampen our spirits!

I booked Nathan Wyatt to film the day and we agreed that I would edit it. Nathan did a fantastic job, though I do apologise for the times I forgot I was the groom and wanted to help film.

I thought it would be quite fun to edit my own wedding video, but actually found it quite difficult as I couldn’t stand looking at myself on screen and hearing yourself is always just awful.

But finally here is the finished video after spending months being left at the bottom of the to-do list.

I love producing short highlights videos of weddings. Trying to capture the entire day and condensing it down to just 12 minutes is quite a challenge, but I think it’s something that couples will watch over and over.

I’ll be getting more examples of my wedding video and photography up on this website soon – it’s a new site!

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