Music Videos with JJ

Last month I spent two days with 12 year old JJ to produce a series of music videos. I was her Christmas present from her parents!

JJ had a Youtube channel set up but no videos to populate it with, but now she has six! She’ll be releasing them over the next few weeks.

We spent the first day recording the vocals, singing each one 3-4 times until she was happy with the performance, which also meant I could film from 3-4 different angles.

On the second day we went out along the river and countryside in Worcester to film some extra shots to include in three of the videos.

Watch out for all six music videos, be warned some will melt your heart!

Earlier on today I received a lovely review on my Facebook page from her parents:

JDA Media offers a creative, professional and approachable service. My 12 year old daughter worked with them over two days and immediately felt comfortable and confident. JDA Media offered creative choices while making the experience entirely collaborative. We would unreservedly recommend JDA Media and look forward to working with them again very soon.

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