Pancake Day!

Every year on Shrove Tuesday the choristers and chapter of Worcester Cathedral have a pancake race around the cloisters.

Back in 2017 I had a last minute idea of attaching a GoPro to the Dean to capture his final lap of the relay. The Dean wore the GoPro attached to a body harness, giving a first person view of the race. This was using a GoPro Hero 4 so quite shaky compared to the latest model, but still is a very entertaining 60 seconds!

What we hadn’t expected was just how viral this video would become! Over the course of 24 hours gathering over 800,000 views worldwide on social media as well as BBC Breakfast showing the video three times as part of their main news bulletin the following morning! (Luckily I checked my emails at midnight when they asked if they could use it!)

By far the most viewed video of my career so far!

Last year we experimented with attaching a 360 camera to the frying pan itself. Probably not designed to be quite so vigorously shaken around and of course every time the pancake was flipped it hit the lens! It did give a rather dizzying view of the race and my first experiment in 360 video as well! Watch that video on Facebook.

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