Photos at Hartlebury Castle

Over the last 18 months I have provided photographic services to Hartlebury Castle. The castle is a historic house that was home to the Bishops of Worcester for 1000 years, it is now the county museum.

Photos of mine are on display throughout the museum. The most impressive being an enlargement of a print which covers an entire wall in the cafe! You can see the original below, with me in the photo for scale! Despite the size of the original and shooting through glass, it’s come out incredibly well – about 8 meters wide!! It looks great in the cafe and staff say that customers regularly comment on it.

The castle has a large number of portraits of Bishops of Worcester going back hundreds of years. They were, however, missing several as they are hanging at the Old Palace in Worcester (the current Bishop’s and Diocesan offices). I was asked to photograph each of these portraits so that they could be reproduced and added to the collection at the castle. I also photographed all the portraits at Hartlebury so they have a digital record of all of them.

The photo below shows my photo of Bishop Latimer (in the middle) alongside real paintings. From a distance it’s hard to tell that’s it’s a print!

Bishop Hurd’s portrait hangs in the Hurd Library in the castle. This part of the museum is usually closed to the public but now a reproduction of his portrait hangs in the library interpretation room for all to see.

The library interpretation room also includes an interactive display screen where users can browse the contents of some of the library collection. I photographed over 200 pages of various books, which are now available for anyone to browse without damaging the books.

One wall in the library interpretation room is lined with bookcases, or is it? I photographed the bookcases in the library which have been reproduced to scale to decorate this room. You can even get up close and read the book titles on the spines! I was very happy with how this came out as at first glance it really does look like real book shelves!

The castle is well worth a visit and great for all the family!

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