Mystery Play at Malvern Priory

Great Malvern Priory staged a Mystery Play for two weeks after Easter and JDA Media was brought in to produce a DVD of the production.

A large stage was built at one end of the church and the cast was made up of mainly local people from the surrounding area. We had four cameras set up to capture the performance as well as ten microphones to pick up both the action on stage and the musicians and choir.

The crew!

Two cameras were positioned in the pulpit, which provided a great view of the stage.

Two cameras were positioned quite close either side of the stage. These provided close ups of the action happening on stage.

The choir and musicians were at the other end of the church, and we had four microphones set up to capture them.

Just a few SD cards used!

The edit took four days to complete and the full two hour performance was produced into a DVD. The church ordered 100 DVDs, which are being sold and given to cast and crew.

It was a great project to be involved with!

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