Bedales School, Filmmaking Workshops

For the past 3 years JDA Media has run film workshops at our Prep School, Dunhurst. What began as a spoken word/poetry film in year one evolved to include editing workshops as well last year. This year we began our most ambitious project, a Macbeth Film. This was not a simple filmed performance of a play, this was fully scripted storytelling divided amoungst six groups. 

It has everything, special effects, al the equipment you would find on a large scale film set, and an epic huge battle scene. Needless to say the children loved it and the end product was of the highest quality. 

The best thing about it all was that the children in class were involved in every step of the film production and saw how it was all put together. They made floating daggers appear; witches disappear; played around with dynamics such as slow motion and music; and they learnt a myriad of skills such as composition and framing.

We have already booked James again for next year, he was brilliant with our Year 6. Could not recommend enough!

Andrew Wiggins, 31 May 2017